343) First Day @ HOME

March 15, 2009

Morning: Slept well and happy to be able to touch each other in our own bed! I was up to pee probably 5 times but more comfortable going back to sleep in my own bed... getting up finally at 6:50 am for my new morning regimen:
  1. Pee
  2. Weigh
  3. BP
  4. Blood Glucose (BG)
  5. Graham crackers & H2O
  6. 7 meds
  7. Pain pill as needed
  8. and today only: the last two meds from home that we forgot to integrate into the pill box last night... the first thing we were supposed to do... sorry Bernadette. We immediately add those to the pill box and end this whole process at about 10:30)
Now it is time to fix breakfast! Breakfast is good at home! We read the paper... I drink my ONE CUP of coffee... re-arrange our Patient Manual and add a few sections... Lizzie investigates "post kidney transplant" on the web and finds some interesting stuff... she copies information on a heart healthy diet for me - at my weight and height... and we wait the hour after breakfast to do another blood glucose prick.

DAMN: Missed the hour by about two hours before remembering! Next time I eat I set
the kitchen timer to remind me to re-prick.

Afternoon Already: So, the day has been our World Transplant Day. Mordechai the Miracle Kidney is fitting i
n nicely it seems... with only a few droplets of weep... probably loss of his 25 year old attached body... I hallucinate. I nap and pee, nap and pee, watch TV and pee, blog and pee, walk up and down stairs more times than I thought I could... and pee. So now I am counting the P's and will inform you, dear reader, just as soon as enough data comes in to show a trend...

More to come... Evidently not today!

Notes: Change is the only thing that is constant
. Upon inviting Mordechai the Miracle Kidney into my precious body the color of this blog must also change. We choose the color GREEN, not cause we're ready for St. Pat's Day... but because green is the color of healing. When we meditate on healing, we visualize the diseased part glowing greeen. Also the color of Hatch Green Chiles and Avocados, foods of the Gods in their respective cultures. So I am going back and changing the PUCCOON to GREEN. I have the green light (behind the green door)


Anonymous said...

So what is the smallest thing you can do to remember all you need to do???

Congrats Jack!! I am soo glad to hear it is going well so far. Thanks for all the updates! DC

Jack Nowicki said...

UMMMM ~ Let's see.....

Make a list?

Jack Nowicki said...

Bill ~ I got your comment but somehow in transit it got lost... thanks for the support. JN

Anonymous said...

Hi Jack!
I am so happy for you! It sounds like you are doing great! I'm sure that each passing day will find you feeling better and better.
I can already tell that you and Mordechai are going to be perfect together!