344) The World According to P.

March 16, 2009

Morning: This morning we get finished with the morning regimen at 9:30! We are getting better at this, of course, we started at 8. Liz left to do a few errands for me. Came back and then later went up to UT to take care of some of her business. John got up and we ate lunch... blah blah.

The Rest of the Story is The Story of P.: Eat; P; rest: P; email; P; email; drink H20; P; Send Liz on some errands for me; P; Gmail; P; Facebook; P; drink H2O; P; Blog Comments; P; check vitals; P; Eval Call from Linda @ NAMC; P; hard boil egg; P; Photos Uploaded and 6 Edited; P; Photos put on #337; P; Fix Tuna-salad Sandwiches on RHY; P; Eat; P; Edit More Photos; P; Nap; P; Look at old photographs; P; Edit #338... based on John's Clearer Brain; P;
Watch John Play Mario on our Wii; P; Call from Bernadette the PTC (Post Transplant Coord.); P; John leaves for College Station; P; Talk briefly to Marie the Neighbor whose Mother was @ El Milagro and has two brothers in dialysis... one at S. Austin where Herman is Admin. now. Marie loved Herman and James at El Milagro...; P; Doze on Heating Pad... Ahhhhhh...; P; Liz home and we discuss Bernadette's call and Liz calls Bernadette; P; Liz off to buy more supplies; P; Meds at 8; P; etc. etc. etc.... And we finally eat dinner at 9:30. BTW: We miss you Paul Harvey!

That's the way day two goes...

Note: This entry is noted in Bill Peckham's Reports, this time edited by Miriam Lippel Blum. She says, "
This is my first stab at updating the blogs. It's an entire education unto itself of how people live, what they worry about, what they consider important and how they survive. A truly inspirational journey."... and then goes on to do a great job of hitting the basic topic of every update on 92 blogs since the last Report!

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