347) Day of Gratitude

March 19, 2009

Home: It's becoming a regular day... which is difficult to post about, since I don't really want a fluff blog.
Its a regular day
what can I say
the dog thinks I hate her
just cause I can't play with her
she can't lick my face
what a disgrace
and when she pounces on my incision
I yell like a banshee
"NO...BAD Dog! Get out of my vision"
and she skulks away
confusion in her dog brain
what can I say
Its a new regular new day

Most of the day I spend writing thank you notes to all those who sent flowers, hugs, plants, services, cakes, light, candy, energy, a radio, spirited discussion and guidance, and as I do the blessings keep coming --> meaning more gratitude must be sent out... it's a cycle that we love right now... it makes us feel good.

Oh yeah: and Bernadette the PTC called and said Dr. Lewis said it is okay to use Neo-Synephrine for my bloody noses (HHT) AND stop the baby aspirin! One more med off the list... alright! And to finish off a perfect day, UT beat Wisconsin and moves on in the tourney, probably to meet Duke next. La vida es bueno!

Note: Pictures have now been added to Posts #338 through #342. Enjoy!


Andrea said...

Can you give some examples of a fluff blog?

Jack Nowicki said...

Andrea! How nice to hear from you. A "fluff blog"? This is my own terminology and I guess I think of a fluff blog as one that is full of fluff: meaningless, boring (to me or whomever is using my term) empty minded, of little use to anyone who is reading it, and possibly saying more to the author that the reader. It is uninteresting to whomever the author's intended audience is... like a purging of thoughtless fluff or something like that.

I can't give you examples cause as soon as I determine one if fluff to me, I dis-remember it and sign off. In my blog I am mentioning fluff to ward off the fluffness in my brain... as soon as I think something might be fluff I delete and usually put in an "affirmation to my readers that I try not to post fluff.

Nowadays my mind is in general more fluffy due to the anesthesia (which they claim take months to fully wear off, so you might be seeing more mentions of fluff as my blog continues). Does this help? JN