348) We Forget LAB!

March 20, 2009

Home: DAMN! We are sitting around... Shayna watching cartoons, me listening to NPR, and Lizzie talking to her mom... and all of a sudden she yells out..."Shoot!!!" and continues, to her mother, "We forgot Labs this morning at 7!!!". So she get off the Phone with mom and calls the Lab... they're closed now. She calls Bernadette and leaves a message about our plight. She calls the Transplant Center and they say they will let the Coordinator 'on call' know.

WE FORGOT totally. This close, post-transplant, I'm supposed to get Lab work drawn twice a week to keep close track of how the innards are doing in there.

We sit and look at each other. Liz feels bad and I feel worse... or... I feel bad and Liz feels worse... we don't know which which is which (ala Butch Hancock). We admit to ourselves that these days are so crowded with all the household duties, Shayna's activities on Spring Break, and new post-transplant procedures that we didn't write down this appointment anywhere where we were immediately aware of it. I usually write these things in my Time Design and Liz usually makes a note in her calendar... but she doesn't check her calendar first thing on a SATURDAY morning... and I did check my calendar... where it wasn't written, but I hadn't. I blame myself for having fuzzy whacky brain.

And, it is really too late cause I'm supposed to get the blood drawn BEFORE I take my morning meds at 8:00. So we've left messages all over and I guess if it is really important we can set something up for Monday morning.

What a start of the day. Shayna is at PEAKS as a Junior Staff, helping Big Kim today and spending the night, so she isn't around for the Drama of missing Labs.

The rest of the day goes okay. The Transplant Coordinators never call back so we guess that means they'll try to pull me in for Lab work on Monday. Afternoon is full of naps and March Madness... couple really close games... exciting. My dad calls to check up on me. And Larry is a first visitor to the home after returning from NAMC.

Margo brings us Mexican food from Flores and it is deliciosa! We three watch the Longhorns play much better than expected against the Blue Devils... It is close up until about a minute left and my brain kept saying: "Theres no way they can win! Could they win? Nah .... They could WIN! I can't believe we're still in this game. Duke's gonna win.... could we win?", through the last half of the second half. I am delightedly surprised and proud of our Longhorns for their showing against Duke.

After the game 48 Hours immediately sucks Margo in with the show's opening scene and so we watched the whole show... and she left after that. It was fun having a guest over even though I made her wash her hands before hugging me.

Everyday becomes more like normal and I feel better and better. Namaste

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