371) DAD Report

July 1, 2009

Lunch time: I'm in a thought provoking workshop with Leslie Moore on "parenting", utilizing all the great theorists' ideas in a developmental view of the challenges of parenting... with a number of friends from STAR agencies from Round Rock, Austin, and San Antonio. At lunch Emily from LifeWorks asks about my kidney adventure and reports she was an assistant social worker in a Frensius dialysis center in SA and so I share parts of my story with a knowing person... which is somewhat unusual... since most people don
't know so much about renal disease, dialysis, and transplants. I tell her about this blog.

report via Tracy... my dad transferred today from the hospital to the Towers' assisted living center, Parklane West, where he can stay up to 30 days with specialized care. Tracy reports that she wants him back up in his 17th floor roost by the weekend, but the doctors aren't sure at this point. She also reports that he is doing much better but still doesn't want visitors or calls from anyone. I am glad to hear that he is doing better.

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