372) July 4th Weekend Rept

July 7, 2009

The Weekend Report:
It was a busy and friend-filled fourth weekend, with my birthday dinner date to Fino's with Friends... celebrating mine and Ken's birthdays and a belated Cathe birthday too. Then on to the fourth and a fish fry at Lake LBJ with more friends, and Sunday brunch with in laws paying us in migas, pancakes, and eggs florentine for caring for their hamster for a week. As a transplant recipient I can only report that it is so nice to eat almost anything I want now!

Sunday John and Katie visited and Katie stayed for steak and my traditional birthday pineapple upside do
wn cake.

Monday back to work and today I should get my new talking pocket watch in the mail. Of course, since last
mention of med time slippage, I've been doing great on remembering the 8 am and 8 pm pill times. Wouldn't you know?

So the USA is 233 years old and I am 120 days post transplant.

Later: An email from Shauny that I want to pass along to you all... with her permission.

I know you know I have the volunteer spirit. I wanted to pass this along because when you click on the link to find volunteer opportunities it gives you so many choices. I found two new ways to help today. I will start taking inner-city kids on nature outings for Sierra Club, and I will start being a community outreach volunteer for greater Houston's Collaboration for Children. Volunteering gives me peace of mind. It takes my mind off of my own worries. It makes me grateful. It makes me feel I'm doing more than what is required. I feel I'm giving part of myself and my experiences so that my life has a purpose. These feeling sustain me. I hope you can find something for yourself here. And that it will enrich your life.

Love, Shauny

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