401) Colonoscopy Consult

August 31, 2010

Today I met with Dr. Poreddy to discuss need for another colonoscopy. Amy, the nurse informs me that the last time I was there was EXACTLY ONE YEAR AGO TODAY! Weird! That time I was here for "slow emptying stomach" which I remember as "indigestion" and got some prilosec (see Post 379 for details). So we discuss my current situation, tests that Dr. Moore is doing, and my history of colonoscopies with Dr. Hanschen. When Poreddy hears how long it has been since my last colonoscopy, he immediately says, "Oh, you need one now..." and that's the end of this consult.

Dr Poreddy mentioned that he requested Hanschen's records and hasn't received them... so I volunteered to call and see what I can do to get them. Onwards thru the fog!

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