402) Hyper-Parathyroid Consult Results

September 9, 2010

Several evenings ago, Bernadette called to report that both my virus tests were negative, so I do not have Epstein-Barr or the other unnamed virus that are frequent in post transplant folks. Good news, we all agree.

This morning Liz and I went to meet with Dr. Paul Moore to find out the results of his analysis of my hyper-parathyroid tests (click 'hyper-thyroid' for complete info on this disease & see post # 400). His nurse, Nancy, came in and weighed me and got my BP (180 lbs! 140/60 BP). Dr. Moore came in, introduced himself to Liz, and began his review of my testing, giving me the tests results and explaining what they mean. Liz scooted over so she could see to.

First, the results of the blood work on the Lab Report, as follows:
PTH Intact ~ [Normal = 12 - 88]. Mine is 226 pg/mt. <-- "Way too high." Since I am taking synthroid, I should cut back on that... "take one less per week".
~ [Normal = 0.44 - 4.37]. Mine is "too Low" at 0.11 uIU/ML <-- I have no idea what these numbers and letters mean.
Calcium ~ [Normal = 8.7 - 10.0]. Mine is too high at 11.2 mg/dl.

Dr. Moore explained what these all mean. My left right parathyroid "...is way over producing calcium... sucking it outa my bones..." which has caused the other parathyroid glands to "...go to sleep..." and lay dormant. The over calcium production is not being corrected by my Sensipar.

On the second sheet, the Imaging Report (gamma camera) the lower right side lobe is enlarged... Dr. Moore poked me gently right there to show us where the lobe is. Both this scan and the ultrasound (third page) show that this lobe is enlarged and has "increased persistent activity", meaning it is working too hard.

All of this suggests a surgery to take the overworking lobe out. According to Dr. Moore, taking it out should "... awaken the other lobes to start functioning normally." (<-- I hope). I asked Dr. Moore about what the symptoms of what these tests would be and he replied, "the textbook answer would be this would lead to fatigue, stomach upset, and raised BP". AHA!! I got dem things these days!

So, here is the plan. These reports and Dr. Moore's recommendations sent to Dr. Lewis and Dr. Krienke. We stabilize the parathyroid by lowering the synthroid, Dr. Lewis refers me to one of his group of surgeons he works with, and we schedule surgery. One week after surgery, Dr. Moore wants lab work and wants to see me again.

Lizzie and I left Dr. Moore's and picked up Shayna to go to
Rosh Hashanah services. We are happy to have an answer to this ongoing parathyroid issue, and it seems, from Dr. Moore's work that it will be much simpler than it would've been if all the lobes were outa whack! Also, me thinks, it is better than finding out I have Epstein-Barr.

So we end up celebrating the new year at services, and then head over to Cari & Stuart's for our New Year's luncheon.
L'shanah tovah everyone!

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