425) Three years When?

March 8, 2012

So, last night Lizzie and I are laying in bed and she is wishing Mordechi the Miracle Kidney a happy birthday... and we are puzzling thru what the actual date was.  It was Purim, but that follows the Jewish calendar so that is no help.  She thinks it was on March 6... I say March 8.  What WAS the date?  So, today I am up here on the blog finding out that the date was actually March 10th!

Three years ago this Saturday I had a kidney transplant!  It is long enough ago that we can't remember the DATE!  That's history!

So, how am I doing?  My annual Transplant Center appointment is tomorrow morning.  I did NOT get a call from Bernadette about my lab results from Monday... so, that is a good sign that all is okay.  I get worried, now that I only go in every 6 months... worried that we something will go wrong and we won't know about it for too long.

And, I come off my 36 months post-transplant Medicare... so Uncle Sam thinks I am good to go, I guess.  We meet with David the Social Worker tomorrow to figure that stuff out.  Of course I can sign up for Medicare in July, when I turn 65... so that won't be too many months of higher payments for stuff.

I'll post a post-transplant center visit posting to report on how I am really doing (medically speaking that is).

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