155) Two Dialyses in a Row

Aug 18, 2007

El Milagro: I’m in early again today at 11:30 after dialyzing just last night after the conference. It’s really weird coming in on a Friday afternoon / evening (due to conference activities Thursday afternoon/evening) and then again on Saturday morning. I actually weighed in at 73.5 Kg., less than I left last night at (73.6).

On the way in I touch base with New John who recommends a novel by a Texas hill country author and we talk for a few minutes about our reading habits… and Rosie the Tech about getting the notes from the last PAC meeting… and Monica the Nurse about lab work Moritz wants to add to the next lab draw next Tuesday.

So, here I am and Matt sticks me and we talk about his going to college at TSU down in San Marcos. I tell him my daughter is just starting there and we swap college stories during my cannulation. I haven’t seen Matt since he started working mornings. James the Nurse comes up and checks my heart, etc., and I haven’t seen him in ages either.

I tune in to Folkways on KUT and read the Venkatesh book [check this one out, Hans] about the interesting ways people make it using the “underground” economy in south-side Chicago. While I’m reading, Tom Pittman is playing some really great music this morning, including Lucinda Williams, Lyle Lovett, John Prine & Mac Wiseman (see pic), Laura Love (Saskatchewan --> an incredible song), and Elana James.

Debbie the Tech comes over to say “Hi” and mentions that In & Out Burger (my t-shirt today) is her favorite place to eat in Las Vegas. I reply that I’ve never been to one… hear they're good… and got the shirt for the racing 426 Sport Fury on the back… gift from Johnny’s visit to LA this summer.

Later: Doing dialysis two days in a row wiped me out. I went to a birthday party after dialysis and had to leave after only an hour or so cause I was feeling tired, brain dead, and a little dizzy. Came home, crashed out and slept for hours. So it goes.

Notes: In at 73.5 and out at 71.7 kgs., BP 117/65
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Anonymous said...

Hey Jack - Just wanted to say hi and thanks for signing my birthday card the other night. I guess Liz told you I had a question about being called "Kiddo" and not "my cheryl" - She said you were just trying to make me feel young. If that's the case, then it worked. After all, it makes me feel young to be called kiddo by someone who is sooooo much older than I am!!!! Honestly, whether or not I felt younger was not the best part of it - it felt good to be remembered! Hope you got rested up from the double-duty-dialysis. Take care. Your Cheryl